VeriCorder Directional Mini iPod Touch Microphone

Featured here is the VeriCorder directional mini microphone. This microphone is similar to the other mini mics we have a looked at, except the VeriCorder rotates 180 degrees and is designed to capture sound from any direction.


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The iPod Touch with accompanying microphone and remote is almost essential for anyone who travels. I have currently carted my iTouch to over 20 countries (Cuba, Thailand, UK, Canada, India and the States to name a few) and I have used it literally every single day. Whenever I meet a fellow traveler I demonstrate to them how useful I find this little hand held device. Here I have detailed the top 10 reasons why you need to have an iPod Touch while traveling.


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How to Convert your iPod Touch into an iPhone with Skype

The new Apple iPod Touch has the exact same technology and components as the iPhone except for one major difference – it is missing a microphone. With an external microphone, the new iPod Skype App and a wifi connection you can convert your iTouch into and iPhone in no time.


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Some of the best and handiest iPod touch applications need a microphone. We have compiled a list of the top 4 microphone enabled iPod Touch apps that we could not live without. From Shazam being able to tell us what song is playing, to free Skype-to-Skype calls, getting a microphone for your iTouch is well worth the price.


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