JBuds J3M High End Headphones with Inline Microphone

Introducing another headphone microphone product, the JBuds J3M high end headphones with inline microphone. The headphones alone consist of JBuds patented sleek Atomic Wave design, housed in aluminum with a beautiful laser etched finish. They produce high quality sound, everything from crisp high notes to deep sexy low bass. Their 3.5mm gold plated audio jack […]


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V-Moda Faze Headphones with Microphone

Introducing the Faze headphone/microphone combo, one of the best quality set of headphones on the on the market. There are lots of iPod Touch headphone microphone combos but the Faze headphones secure their place at the top of the market.

Made by V-Moda the Faze headphones isolate background noise so the only thing you hear is your iTouch’s tunes. Reducing outside noise enables a deeper base.


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Apple’s Stock iPod Touch Headphones and Microphone

The stock Apple iTouch headphones with microphone ships standard with all new 2nd generation iPod Touches. With a sleek design that only Apple engineers could dream up, these headphones are made for style.

These newly designed headphones trump what Apple previously shipped with its iPod because they include a highly sensitive microphone and inline remote control. However like any stock product there are a couple areas in which these headphones could be improved.


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TuneBuds Mobile – Earbuds and Microphone for the iPod Touch

Griffin Technology has introduced a compact and powerful earphone/microphone. The TuneBuds Mobile combine Griffin’s TuneBud comfort earphones with a highly sensitive microphone. This headphone/microphone set up is great because it cuts down on the bulkiness of some other iTouch microphones. Most iTouch microphones plug directly into the base of your iPod Touch while the TuneBuds Mobile take advantage of Apple’s latest technology allowing the microphone to record via the headphone jack.


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