Mini Capsule Microphone for iPod Touch

Posted on March 14, 2010 in Mini Microphones, Products

Capsule Microphone for iTouch OpenRecently we have been asked by our readers to review some mini iPod Touch microphones. CableToBuy’s mini capsule microphone is both the smallest and cheapest mini mic on the market.

Like other microphone products we have reviewed, this mini mic is plug and play so you don’t need specific software to set it up. 100% compatible with the iPod Touch this microphone works with your already installed iTouch microphone applications.

As the name describes, this microphone is a capsule and can be easily stored. When not in use the cap can be placed over top of the microphone for safe keeping. The mini microphone also works off of the iPod Touch’s main power supply so there is no need for additional batteries. Measuring 36mm by 13mm this ‘capsule’ could probably be swallowed (don’t do it though!).

According to the manufacturer, this mini mic is perfect for every day activities:

Whether conducting an interview, taking lecture notes, or capturing the sounds of life happening around you, simply attach Mini Microphone to your iPod or iPhone for immediate voice recording capabilities.


Capsule Mic for iTouch ClosedThe downfall of the capsule mini microphone is that it uses the place of your headphone jack. You cannot use your earphones while using this mini mic. If you are wishing to make a Skype call for example you need to work off of the iPod Touch’s build in speaker system. Not only will your caller be on ‘speaker phone’ but you will have difficulty hearing them on the other end. For this reason we suggest buying a headphone microphone combo.

Compatible with iPod nano 4G, 120GB iPod classic (with software already on the device), iPod touch 2G and iPhone 3G (need downloaded software).

If you want the cheapest iPod Touch microphone to record your thoughts, Shazam your tunes, and use all the iPod Touch applications that need a microphone the iTouch mini capsule is for you. At the extremely low price listed at the link below (under 2 dollars!), you have nothing to lose!

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6 Responses to “Mini Capsule Microphone for iPod Touch”

[…] microphones are a lot cheaper than other types of mics for the iTouch. The capsule microphone costs under 2 […]

27.07.10 at 16:30
Posted by Donald Jessep

Can I use the Belkin microphone that I had for my ipod classic, on an itouch
Regards Donald

28.07.10 at 10:18
Posted by Admin

Depends on the Belkin microphone model you have. The Belkin TuneTalk Stereo only works with the iPod Nano 2G and iPod Video 5G.
The iTouch’s app technology makes old Belkin Mic obsolete.

28.11.10 at 07:45
Posted by isotta

Hi! can I use the mini capsule microphone on a Ipod touch 4th generation 8Gb?

02.01.11 at 20:10
Posted by Admin

Yes this microphone is compatible with iPod Touches 2nd generation and newer!

09.06.11 at 05:16
Posted by rockstar123

can you call people on it for example if you have textfree with talk on your ipod touch can you call some with the microphone