Apple’s Stock iPod Touch Headphones and Microphone

Posted on November 10, 2009 in Headphone Microphones, Products

Apple Stock Headphones with Microphone and RemoteThe stock Apple iTouch headphones with microphone ships standard with all new 2nd generation iPod Touches. With a sleek design that only Apple engineers could dream up, these headphones are made for style.

These newly designed headphones trump what Apple previously shipped with its iPod because they include a highly sensitive microphone and inline remote control.  However like any stock product there are a couple areas in which these headphones could be improved. This headphone/microphone combo contains a wide range of functionality.  It has a super sensitive microphone that you can use to record voice memos or speak to your friends on Skype.  It essentially allows your iTouch to function as an iPhone. Stock iTouch headphones have a remote attached to the right earphone cord which allows you to control iPod Touch Headphone Remoteyour tunes with your iTouch safely stored in your backpack or pocket.  You no longer will need to pull out your mp3 player to pause your music, control your volume, skip your songs or repeat your favorite tracks.

Like all Apple earphones, these are only available in their flagship white color.

Apple Stock Headphones Spread Out

Where the stock iPod Touch headphones fall short is they fail to provide any audio dampening. The earbuds are comfortable but they do not form to your ear.  Also, like any mass distributed product the material these headphones are made from isn’t the highest quality.  If you would like more information about the downsides of the Apple stock iPod Touch headphones, visit our article why you should upgrade your iPod Touch stock headphones. If you are looking for an upgrade from your stock headphones you can find a wide variety of solutions on our products page.

This product is compatible with all iPods however the microphone/remote functionality only works with the 2nd gen iPod touch, 4th generation iPod nano, 120 GB iPod classic and iPad.

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