Why you should upgrade your Stock iPod Touch Headphone/Microphone

Posted on November 10, 2009 in Articles

Broken iPod Touch Stock HeadphonesBroke your stock iTouch Headphones with Microphone?  Consider upgrading to a better quality product.  If you are like us you have noticed that Apple’s stock headphone microphone combo doesn’t quite cut it.

If you are willing to pay a little bit more you can get headphones that have:

  • Better quality bass and acoustics
  • More comfortable earphones
  • Stronger quality materials
  • Increased microphone sensitivity

The stock iTouch Microphone/Headphones are not built from top quality materials.  Actually one of our demo products broke within a couple days of use.  The problem is the headphone plug is strait and can easily be broken off while in your pocket or plugged into other devices (ours broke on an airplanes arm rest).  Other products we have reviewed have more streamlined plugs so they can swivel without being stressed.  This cuts down on the chance of you breaking them.

If you would like to replace your stock iPod Touch Headphones Microphones with a better quality product we suggest the following high end headphones with microphones:

Apples headphone with microphone combo or Griffins TuneBuds Mobile

If you are looking for more information on the iPod Touch stock headphones/microphone you can find it here.

Apple stock iPod Touch headphones and microphone.

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