Different Ways to Send SMS Messages from your iPod Touch

Posted on September 30, 2009 in Articles

A downside to the iPod Touch has been its lack of SMS message capabilities.  However there are many companies now providing 3rd party services to send text messages via your iPod Touch.  We have reviewed the number of ways to SMS from your iTouch including, websites that offer SMS via their browser, iTouch apps for sending messages, and email based SMS texting.

Websites that offer SMS via iPod Touch browser

There are a number of websites that offer free browser SMS.  These are the ones we liked the best.

  • SMS.Dynadel.com Pros – Free/Designed for iTouch Browser.  Cons – Need to know the carrier of your SMS reciepient.
  • TxtDrop.com Pros – Free/Nice user interface.  Cons – None except that it doesn’t redirect.  No problem go to txtdrop.com/iphone.
  • cbfSMS Pros – Free/UK SMS capabilities.  Cons – Only available in the UK.

iPod Touch Apps that can send SMS messages

Recently there has been an influx in SMS apps in the iTunes store.  Here are some that stick out.

  • JellySMS Pros – Good interface, check out their demo video.  Cons – The app costs $0.99 on iTunes.
  • BoCoSoft’s Free Texting SMS Pros – Provides users unlimited texting for free.  Cons – The app costs $0.99 on iTunes.
  • Unlimited SMS Pros – Sleek Apple-like user interface.  Cons – Really high price on iTunes at $4.99.

Other ways to send messages via your iPod Touch

I stumbled across another way to send SMS messages from your iPod Touch at this post.  Basically it states that you can simply email yournumber@teleflip.com with the message you want to send, but after further research it appears that service has now gone out of business.  I recommend staying away from companies that retain your email or phone number in order to send a text message to your friends.

SMS is another step in the process to turn an iPod Touch into an iPhone.  If you know of any other ways to send SMS from your iPod touch please leave a response.

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04.10.10 at 06:44
Posted by Millie Barnes

Toktumi lets you use your iTouch as a phone and send txts!! It’s the best software design I’ve seen this far for iTouch. The call clarity is stellar. The service gives you 30 days free to try (no credit card needed!).