Free iPod Touch Applications that need a Microphone

Posted on September 29, 2009 in Articles

Some of the best and handiest iPod touch applications need a microphone. We have compiled a list of the top 4 microphone enabled iPod Touch apps that we could not live without. From Shazam being able to tell us what song is playing, to free Skype-to-Skype calls, getting a microphone for your iTouch is well worth the price.

Shazam (free)Shazam Logo Black

Perhaps the most useful application to hit the iPhone and iPod touch, Shazam will stop you from asking “what is the name of this song again?”.

What the app does: Shazam uses unique technology to automatically identify songs as it hears it.  You place the microphone to the song you are listening too and Shazam will then let you know the title and artist of that song.

Shazam needs a microphone to pick up and convert the audio of the song you want the name of.  Cannot be used with out an iTouch microphone.

Shazam’s itune store: “Shazam now supports the 2nd generation iPod touch (external microphone required).”

Voice Memos (comes with iPhone OS3 firmware update)Voice Memos Icon

Everyone that updated their iPod Touches with Apples latest mobile operating system will notice that they now have an app called Voice Memos.

What the app does: Voice Memos is a quick and easy way to make an audio recording.  You can record audio snippets and reminders.

Without an external microphone this application is essentially useless on the iPod Touch.

Fring (free)

Fring App's Logo

Fring is a mashup application that allows users to text, chat, send clips and instant message.  With the addition of an iTouch microphone fring can also be used to make affordable calls, both locally and internationally.

What the app does: Fring allows users to keep in touch with their friends through a number of different social mediums.

Although a mic is not necessary, many of this apps functions will not work without an iPod Touch microphone.

Skype (free)

Skype Logo

Skype once revolutionized the web community when it started offering extremely cheap VOIP phone calls online.  It is now shocking the world by offering its same services for iPod Touches and iPhones.

What the app does: Skype enables users to call each other toll free from any WiFi zone.  You can also call traditional phones at much lower prices than traditional cell phone carriers charge.

You could download Skype (download Skype app)on your iPod Touch without having a microphone connected, but you would be able to type to your friends.  Well I mean you could still call them, but with out a mic they wont be able to hear you back.

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