Comparing the Different Types of iPod Touch Microphones

Posted on March 19, 2010 in Articles

When buying a microphone for your iPod Touch you need to know about the different microphones on the market. There are three different types of microphones for the iPod touch that you can choose from. These include:

  • Microphones that come attached to headphones (headphone/microphone combos)
  • Microphones that are adapters in which your earphones plug into (mic adapters)
  • Microphones that plug directly into the iTouch (mini microphones)

In this article we have weighed the good and bad of each different type of iPod Touch microphone.

Headphone microphone combinations ($$$)

The goodApple's Stock Headphones with Microphone and Remote

Not only do you get a new microphone you get a new set of headphones.
There is a large selection of headphone/microphone mixes on the market. Everything from low quality cheap mic combos to high quality expensive top of the line microphones.

The bad

These can be the priciest iPod touch microphones. Even though you can get a simple pair for around 20 dollars, they are still more expensive than microphone adaptors or mini mics.

Reviewed headphone/microphone combos

Microphone adapters that attach to your headphones ($$)

The goodGriffin SmartTalk Headphone Adapter

If you have a nice set of headphones, you can use this mic in addition to your current set up. This means pretty much any set of headphones can have a mic from small earbuds to big earmuffs.

The bad

Microphone adapters add another connection, another connection that gets disconnected easily. This may not seem like a big deal, but when your headphones cut out for the 50th time you will be wishing for a different iTouch mic.

Reviewed headphone mic adapters

Mics that plug directly into the iTouch (mini mics) ($)

The good

Mini microphones are a lot cheaper than other types of mics for the iTouch. The capsule microphone costs under 2 dollars.

Useful for recording quick notes

The bad

Capsule Mic for iTouch Open

The downfall with iTouch Mini microphones is that they take up the space for your headphones. This means you cannot use your iPod Touch headphones while using your mini mic. You will have to rely on your built in iPod touch speakers for audio when using the mini mic. This can be annoying in a number of ways. EDIT: Very annoying because the Skype app automatically mutes the external speakers when the mini mic is plugged in. Not recommended to be used for Skype or any other VOIP programs for that matter.

Imagine being on a Skype call and having to put the caller on ‘speaker phone’ to talk to them. Also the iTouch internal speakers sound quality is a heck of a lot worse then having the audio ring directly in your ears.

There aren’t that many mini microphones to choose from.

Reviewed headphone/microphone combos

As you can see there are pros and cons to each of the 3 types of iPod Touch microphones. Weight your options before your buy.

Personally we think the iPod Touch microphone/headphone combos are the best choice. The higher price is more than worth it for having more choice and better quality.

Now that you know about the different types of iTouch Mics, browse though our product reviews and decide which microphone is right for you.

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